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American University Of Malta

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Our MBA at AUM builds upon the knowledge you will have obtained in your undergraduate studies and practical experience in the industry to take you to a position of leadership. We will give you the right tools and assist you in fostering the analytical and critical mindset needed to understand intimately the inner workings of business and corporate culture, and design and implement expedient solutions. You will also approach your studies in context by observing and experiencing these processes and trends first-hand on the Island of Malta, which has a rapidly burgeoning economy and an international corporate culture.

We’ve built a multi-disciplinary curriculum that keeps pace with the ever-shifting tendencies of a contemporary market, one strongly impacted by progress in technologies and communication channels that are bringing the world together into one large global communal space.

It is this communal spirit that sits at the heart of our MBA program. By working with a team of peers, each of whom brings different experiences and perspectives to the table, as well as faculty members who have an outstanding portfolio inside and outside of academia, you will grow further into your role of knowledgeable and market-savvy leader.

Why get an MBA

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